Lead Time for all Custom Cables : 7-12 days

Information about Custom Cables

Hi There! If you are here you probably find yourself confused about what we are selling. 

Simple version

It's a handmade cables that goes with your keyboard, It's Artisan work. Every single cables are being done by hand with lots of care and love. 

The Braided or Coiled parts is just for Aesthetics that's all, it make the cables more obvious while in used and catches your attention. 

Full Details


It's just a rope with a beauty colors to them, It's USA-Made 550 Paracords. 

Material on paracords varies on manufacturer but our paracord used are well-known branded paracords made with nylon or polyester and are high quality product. 



Techflex are a double sleeving for cables to add protection to the cables with a net type looks to protect the cables from any threat. They are made from polyethylene terepthalate (PET) monofilament yarns.

For making custom cables, it increases the Coil strength (If you choose Coil) and also increase it's life span in a long run. 



Coil is just being made for aesthetics reason and does not serve any other purpose other than that. Coil can enhanced the looks of your set up depending on how you configure them to. Usually you want to match the Paracord + Techflex to match the theme of your setup. 

Coil must be properly done to ensure tightness and strength. All our coil are heat-treated with lots of attention. Coiling process are a very delicate process and can go terribly wrong if done poorly. 



Heat-shrink acts as a cover for your connectors such as Usb housing. Heat-shrink provide another layer of protection to your connector housing and also create a great color contrast if chosen properly with your custom cables.