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Installation Guide

This is a very brief and simple installation guide that will insure that your shell with fit perfectly!

Must know information. 

- BE CAUTIOUS OF THE LED STRIPES! because we are not responsible for you breaking it. 

- Top Shell (Clicker) BEFORE Bottom shell for installing (Opposite for uninstalling) 

- This method worked best for us. 

- Our shell can stand more bending force than the original shells. But don't keep bending it back and forth, That will break the Snap Locks obviously. Duhh

- We are currently unavailable to make a video tutorial but good friend of our @BadseedTech made one. Show him some love ❤️.

Installation Guide

1. Slide 2 box at the front of the shell into the teeth of the mouse frame. 

2. Push Downward toward the snap lock part until you hear a click. 

3. Align the two nipple of the shell to the hole first. 

4. Push down the front part (Of the bottom shell) Down. until you hear 1 Click from the snap locks in the front of the bottom shell. 

5. Push the bottom part of the shell down until you clear a 2 click.

6. Done! 





How to remove the shell like a pro. 

What you need, Guitar pick, Small wooden stick like the q-tip in the photo or your nail :P

1. Push down the Snap Lock in the front (Of the bottom shell) to the opposite direction. 

2. After your lock came out, Use Guitar pick or something slim but firm into one of the gap, Either side is totally fine. 

3. Run your thing around the shell in "U" motion. That should snap every Snap Lock out of it's lock and your bottom shell should come out nicely. 

4. Removing the front clicker shell, Is extremely simple. Remember that two Snap Lock? Push it towards the opposite side or push down (Simultaneously or one by one) 

5. Lift up the front shell a little bit with forward motion and lift it fully off.