Lead Time for all Custom Cables : 7-12 days



We expect our product to be great but sometime everything is not perfect 

If you are here, you probably have some problem and we wish that this would solve your problem. You can try this before emailing us since replacement units will take around 7-20 days to you. 


1. Shell can't be press down (Clicker) 

Clicker can be defective sometime because with a slight millimeter can cause the shell to not function properly. 

If your mouse button can't be click down.

We suggest you try to lift the clicker upward from front of the mouse and listen if there is a clicking sound, Try multiple time to confirm. If so it means that box clicker underneath are too thick. 

It's an easy fix. Use a sad paper and sand down the box as shown in the picture. Try not to use a very rough Sandpaper. We recommend 240 grid or above. 

Of course this can go wrong if you over sand, So please be sure to check after every 45 second of sanding with a mouse. 

To be very precise, The measurement of the box thickness should be around 1.9-2mm. We are talking about only the top portion here not the whole box. 

This process might be long and painful for some people but it's an option for you. If you don't want to try troubleshooting. just email us. info@swiftshells.net



2. Clicker are not Linear/Smooth click. 

This problem is another problem can be cause by your end or our end. Firstly we are sorry that this happen but it can be fix! 

Effect of this can cause an unpleasant clicks while using. The feeling can be describe as something stuck and causing a tackle effect when clicking. 

Simply Sand the external sides of the clicker box down with a sandpaper.